Sunday, September 24, 2017

Koopalings Name Mashups!

 Hey Toonsters,

    As we all know that I am a sucker when it comes to video game based cartoons. But no cartoon was that awesome than The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. Of all the 3 Mario cartoons around the late 80s and into the early 90s, AOSMB3 was the best one of them all. But the only pet peeve I got with the show (besides being a bit repetitive and the fact that Bowser is called King Koopa (although in Japan he was always called King Koopa)) was the names of the Koopalings. Here's a little background about this jumbled up situation.

Before being released in the States, in Japan, the Koopalings never got their official names. So the game was localized for a worldwide release, the cartoon versions of the Koopalings got names that are different from the ones from the games:

Cheatsy Koopa
Big Mouth Koopa
Kootie Pie Koopa
Hop Koopa
Bully Koopa
Hip Koopa
Kooky von Koopa

But by the time game was finally was released worldwide, the Koopalings got their official names. Each one of them were named after a well-known musicians:

Larry Koopa (named after Larry Mullen, Jr. of U2)
Morton Koopa, Jr. (named after musician and controversial talk show host, Morton Downey, Jr. (no relation to Robert Downey, Jr., by the way.)
Wendy O. Koopa (named after Wendy O. Williams)
Iggy Koopa (named after Iggy Pop)
Roy Koopa (named after Roy Orbison)
Lemmy Koopa (named after Lemmy Kilmister (RIP) of MotorHead (yes, the ones who did Triple H's themes))
Ludwig von Koopa (named after Ludwig von Beethoven (DUH!!))

Since that time, many of the Mario fanbase are divided over which name of the Koopalings suits them best. So, I came up with the solution. What of we mashed the names up? I thought about that so I came up with the best possible solution to our name problem so here it is:

Larry Koopa + Cheatsy Koopa = "Cheatsy" Larry
Morton Koopa, Jr. + Big Mouth Koopa = "Big Mouth" Morton
Wendy O. Koopa + Kootie Pie Koopa = "Kootie Pie" Wendy
Iggy Koopa + Hop Koopa = Iggy Hop (which makes perfect sense since he is named after Iggy Pop)
Roy Koopa + Bully Koopa = "Bully" Roy (Think wrestler Bully Ray, but with Roy instead of Ray)
Lemmy Koopa + Hip Koopa = Lemmy Hip-Meister (paying homage to Lemmy Kilmister himself)
Ludwig von Koopa + Kooky von Koopa = "Kooky" Ludwig

And there you have it. What do you think of my mashup names? If Nintendo pays attention to this, I just hope and pray they use the names from the cartoons as their nicknames for future games. A gamer can dream, can't I?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Farewell Brain!

Today,we at the American Cartoon Federation mourn the loss of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Not just a simple heel manager or commentator,but a Legend of great character.

Thoughout his time as a Manager,Bobby Heenan guided the carrers of many WWE Superstars,with Andre The Giant,'Ravishing' Rick Rude and 'Mr Perfect' Curt Hennig being his star players.

Although a good manager,Bobby Heenan is best known for his work as a Color Commentator and Show Host. His chemistry with Gorilla Monsoon was outstanding. Fun Fact: The Brain and Gorilla were good friends in real life.

Bobby Heenen wasn't just a good manager,he was also a great commentator,and a funny man to boot.

After his WWE tenure,Bobby Heenan left for WCW,where he'd continue to entertain us Wrestling Fans for years to come.

Farewell Brain....And Thank You!

Raymond Louis Heenan aka Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
November 1, 1944 – September 17, 2017

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Jason's Gallery - Hurricane Irma tribute art

In the wake of the destruction, given by Hurricane Irma, I give you some fan art that will bring light to a world full of darkness.

Here we have Ami Mizuno, praying to the good-hearted people of Florida, who are no strangers to hurricanes. This was made and finished around Ami's birthday and before the anniversary of 9/11. In times of need, we pray that her intellect can gets through the dark times.

Florida wasn't the only state affected by Irma. It landed at Alabama, South Carolina and especially Georgia. Why Georgia, you ask? Because Jodi Benson lives in Georgia and because of this hurricane, I prayed for her safety. I drew this in response to that realization. Unless she was someplace else safe, all I could think about was her well-being intact. If something bad happen to her, everything I work so hard to make my dreams come true would all be in vain. Hope she's okay.

To those affected by Irma. Give them strength to rebuild their homes and their lives. Let the light shatter the darkness. Stay frosty and God bless.

The Sleeper has not been awaken...yet.

Hey there, Toonsters,

       I thought I drop by and give you my latest on where I have been doing. As you already know, I am still on my journey to understand friendship better. As we recall, I've been dwelling in the crossroads when I learned that friendship wasn't always true blue, whether it could be bought by those who use a fandom for the base ends of a channel full of edutainment (e.g. Tirek Schleiff using bronies to make them watch Discovery Family, just for MLP) or it can be broken like Barry Allen messing up the timeline, that nearly destroyed his bond with both Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow. But, even though the Sleeper hasn't been awaken...yet, I won't let my dilemma stop me from running my life, especially bring justice for those in not just animation, but all of fiction. I know I will find my answers eventually. Until then, I will continue to run my life according and not let this burden define my life. I know I will feel like Ash Williams from Evil Dead day by day, but I will fight on as I should. As I said before, for justice, for freedom, for honesty, for animation. And when it's all set and done, the world will be as Ash puts it in one little word...


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Gary Marsh Is Almost There

Gary Marsh,President and CCO of the Disney Networks,is Almost on The List. He continues to piss on Disney fans intellegence and refuses to fix the problems pleaguing the Networks (such as terrible program direction).

Here is Gary Marsh's Strike List (and to an extent,ben sherwood):

Strike One Offenses:
- Breifly Reviving Hannah Montana Mania
- Continuing With the Teeny-Bopper Bullshit
- Sweeney Era Fanaticism (having a fetish for the teeny bopper shows of the anne sweeney era,such as hannah montana and austin and ally)
- Treating The Disney Channel as a Childrens Only Network...with a few Girly-Girl stuff thrown in.
- Refusing to shorten and the Disney Jr. Block and airing it on Weekends.
- Canning Good Shows like Girl Meets World,while Renewing Crappy Ones,like Walk The Prank.
- Ending Good Series Too Early
- Giving the Finger to the Classic Stuff
- Being Extremely Lazy with the Networks Line-Ups.

Strike Two Offenses:
- Continuing to Air Retarded Girly Commercials on the Supposedly All-Boy's Network,Disney XD.
- Over-Promoting the Garbage Shows,like Walk The Prank.
- Never Ending Shitty Program Direction for All Disney Networks.
- Walk The Prank Season 3...'Nuff Said
- Still Refusing to Learn From Mistakes.
- Refusing to Air the Early Pokemon Episodes (kanto - unova)

If you guys are keeping score,Marsh has 1 more strike left. The 3rd Strike is building up as we speak. And once Marsh recieves that strike......He's On The List!!

Stay Gold,Space Cowboys.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Disney Descendants/Marvel XOver

Disney Descendants/Marvel XOver

Because It was promised a long time ago,here is my Disney Descendants/Marvel XOver.

Story: A great evil (shuma gorath jr.) has come to Auradon,with plans on conquering the world. Fairy Godmother feared this day would come,so she recruits Jay,Evie,Mal,Ben,and Carlos to combat this evil.

Using special stones she got from Dr.Strange,Fairy Godmother grants the 5 Super Powers.

Ben is granted the Powers of a Super Soldier and becomes Captain Auradon. Carlos is given a Gamma burst to become The Silver Hulk. Jay is given Mutant Powers that grants him Super Speed and becomes Crimson Streak. Evie gets Mutant Powers as well,her abilities are a mix of Sue Storm's and Psylocke's Powers. She becomes Lady E. Mal gets an increase in her own magical abilities and becomes the Violet Witch.

During their adventures,they meet other heroes,villains,and anti-heroes. They even get aid from the Marvel Heroes themselves.

So Join the VKs and King Ben as they take on the evil Shuma Gorath Jr. and his minions to save the world.

I promised this,and I delivered.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

2 Toonami's Not Too Much

As you all remember I did a piece on how to fix the Adult Swim Problem:

Well,I've come up with a follow up. This time concerning Toonami. Now,before reading any further,make sure you read the Original post first (linked above),so you'll know what I'm talking about.

Anyway,I've come up with a solution for 2 Toonami blocks,one for Adult Swim (on tbs or a stand-alone network) and one for Cartoon Network. Normal Toonami would be on Cartoon Network,it will air Anime/Cartoons that are TV-PG and Under. While Adult Swim will get Toonami: Mature Edition,which would air Anime/Cartoons TV-14 and TV-MA.

I think this is a great idea,and goes well with my previous post on the whole CN/AS debacle. Anyway,I'm gonna be posting a final follow up to this,with a Cartoon Network line-up. So stay tuned for that.

Stay Gold,Space Cowboys.