Friday, November 3, 2017

A Correction that Was A Long Time Coming!

After much thought,I realize now that Bob Iger and Ben Sherwood were not fully responsible for the decimation of the Disney Networks. Gary Marsh and his people are.

Anne Sweeney is still fully guilty,however,because She was still the Matermind behind the Disney Nightmare and the one that influenced (ie corrupted) Marsh in the first place. She also influenced Iger to some extent.

This still don't mean that Iger and Sherwood are blameless,oh far from it. Sherwood,for whatever reason,keeps Marsh and the Sweeney Docterine around and Bob Iger doesn't do a damn thing about it. He even kept Sweeney around after Eisner's removal. So these men aren't completely to blame for the D-Networks desicration...just partially.

Gary Marsh took Sweeney's retarded logic to heart and adopted Her way of thinking. It was his choice and because of that,he's way more guilty than either Sherwood or Iger.

Plus Iger Has done some good things for Disney. And despite me being a big fan of the Eisner Era,even I'll admit,Michael Eisner himself Did fall from grace in the early 2000's.

So,to Bob Iger and Ben Sherwood,I apologize for fully blaming you 2 for Disney's problems. I still don't like you guys,nor do I trust you,but at least I know who to blame most: Anne Sweeney and Gary Marsh.

So there you go. Something I needed to get off my chest.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Dream XOver: Mario x Sonic - Icons Clash

If there's one thing we geeks love, is Crossovers of our favorite franchises,especially when they have nothing to do with each other,like the topic of todays XOver Post: Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. A dream Crossover for many.

Yeah Yeah,I know,Sonic and Mario already have a Crossover series in The Mario and Sonic Olympic Games Series,but many don't consider it a proper crossover between these 2 Legendary Franchises. I don't either,despite the fact that I love seeing the Nintendo Princesses' barefoot in those gymnast outfits. (can you blame me,they look so hot)

Anyway,I've decided to come up with a proper Mario/Sonic XOver myself. Please note that in order to make my idea work,I'm gonna be using many elements from the Sonic Archie Comics,such as Roboticization and the Freedom Fighters.

Story: Taking Place After Super Mario Galaxy 2,Eggman and Bowser team up to help each other conquer their respective Universes using a new version of the Death Egg called The Koopa Egg and they need extra man-power to built it and the Chaos Emeralds to power it. They decide to recruit Mario and Sonic's friends. They also plot to frame the heroes by having Bowser Jr.,as Shadow Mario,capture Sonic's friends and Metal Sonic capture Mario's. And while Mario and Sonic are fighting each other,the 2 villains will execute their plan. The kidnappings are a success and when the Main Heroes meet they blame each other for said kidnappings.

Eggman roboticizes Mario's Friends to retreave the Chaos Emeralds,while Bowser (with kamek's help) corrupts Sonic's friends and sends them to attack various countries in the mushroom world.

Will Mario and Sonic stop their fighting to save the day and their friends? Will the Villians complete the Koopa Egg? Are Bowser and Eggman true allies? Or Are they just using each other? Yes,Yes,Maybe,and Likely.

That is the story for Mario x Sonic - Icon's Clash.

Characters: Mario,Sonic The Hedgehog,King Bowser Koopa,Dr.Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik,Bowser Jr.,Metal Sonic,Luigi,Miles "Tails" Prower,Toad,Knuckles the Echidna,Yoshi,Amy Rose,Princess Peach Toadstool,Cream the Rabbit and Cheeze the Chao,Princess Daisy,Chaos(cameo),Rosalina,The Chaos,The Lumas,Cubot and Orbot,Kamek the Magikoopa,Shadow The Hedgehog,Wario,Rouge the Bat,Birdo,Princess Sally Acorn,Toadsworth,The Knothole Freedom Fighters,Waluigi (cameo),Nack "Fang" The Weasel (cameo),Uncle Chuck,Captain Syrup(cameo),E-123 Omega,Donkey Kong(cameo),Team Chaotix (cameos),The Koopalings (cameos),The President and G.U.N.,Pauline (cameo),Breezie The Hedgehog (cameo),Big the Cat (cameo),Toadette (cameo),Bowser's Koopa Troop,and Eggman's Badniks.

Crossover Exclusive Characters: Mecha Luigi,Vicious Tails,Mecha Yoshi,Vicious Knuckles,Mecha Peach,Vicious Amy,Mecha Toad,Vicious Sally,Mecha Daisy,Vicious Cream and Nasty Cheeze,Mecha Rosalina,Vicious Shadow,Mecha Donkey Kong,and Vicious Rouge.

Mario Places: The Mushroom Planet,Grass Land,Desert Hills,Water Land aka Seaside aka The Islands,Macro Mountain (a mountain land populated by giants),Cloud Land aka The Sky,Iced Island,Pipe Maze,Dark Land,Sarasaland,Mario Land,Wario's Palace,Peach's Castle,Kastle Koopa,Rosalina's Observatory.

Sonic Places: Sonic's Planet,The Special Zone,The United Federation,Station Square,The Presedent's House,G.U.N. HQ,Knothole Village,Mobotropolis,
Westside Island,South Island,and The Floating Island.

Crossover Exclusive Places: Egg Island (original location),The Koopa Egg.

Notes: Mario and Sonic get to use each others Power Ups. Mario also uses the Chaos Emeralds to become Ultra Mario. There are 2 special types of Warp Pipes that exist in Mario's Universe: Silver ones and Gold ones. Silver ones lead to other worlds,while the Gold Pipes lead to other Universes. The Gold Pipes only appear once every year. Despite Bowser's objections,Princess Peach is Roboticized. Koopa's spell not only brainwashes Sonic's friends,but it also turns them into vicious monsters. Besides the Koopa Egg,Dr.Eggman also created the Rokoopnik,a special battle vehicle made in the image of both Himself and Bowser. The Rokoopnik can also transform into a giant robot.

Cool huh? And this isn't the Only Mario/Sonic XOver I have. There's one more and it's a Huge one. And I mean Huge! In fact,It's so huge that it co-stars a certain Green-Clad Elven Hero. Legends Will Clash in the next Mario x Sonic!

Until Next Time,
See Ya,Space Cowboys!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Captain N/Super Mario Bros. XOver Special

Hey there, Toonsters and Gamers alike!

It's been since a long time since I did some ideas about crossovers and since Stefan has done a few, I thought I could give my ideas of another crossover. But this one is not just any crossover. Remember those Nintendo themed cartoons back in late 80s and into the early 90s? Well, this one's a doozy, so I will sum it up the best I can.

In the beginning, there was The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, which was followed by Captain N: The Game Master. When they first came out, their respective first seasons were shown separately on different channels. It was not until NBC in 1990 they aired both shows in an hour long block, promoting both season 2 of Captain N and The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. A year later, before NBC killed off Saturday Mornings forever, they showed both shows, but it was cut to a half hour show called Captain N and the New Super Mario World. And even though we got the best of two worlds, neither Captain N nor the Super Mario Bros. never once crossed paths with each other...

Until now.

Now that the background of the Nintendo cartoons is done. Here is the plot of this awesome crossover.

Story: A long time ago, Videoland was once a peaceful happy place in all the world of fiction. All that changed when an army of gaming's most evil villains decided to claim Videoland as their own. Led by the villainous King Koopa, they led an assault on the heart of Videoland, the Palace of Power. That's right, folks, Koopa attempted to rule Videoland years before Mother Brain. As Koopa attempts to claims dominion over Videoland, he was stopped by Videoland's ruler, King Charles. Fortunately, Charles fought valiantly against the reptile king and banished Koopa from Videoland, sealing him up into the Warp Zone to his own world known as Koopa Valley, never to return. Since that time, while Koopa was exiled in his own world and starts his invasion of another world, the Mushroom Kingdom, Videoland enjoyed relative peace for many years.

And even though Koopa was banished, other gaming villains continued to carry on where he started, especially with Mother Brain. Since that time, King Charles disappeared and his daughter, Princess Lana took over the Palace of Power. Not even her and the other gaming heroes alone couldn't stop her. However, thanks to the Ultimate Warp Zone, Kevin Keene, a gamer from the real world, ends up being Videoland's new champion as Captain N: The Game Master. And time and time again, Kevin foils Mother Brain's insidious plot to rule Videoland.

But with her plans foiled again, Mother Brain, with her big brain, tries to find a way to get rid of Captain N once and for all, when she learns about Videoland's past and dark legend of King Koopa himself. Learning of the location of the Warp Pipe imprisonment,  Mother Brain finds it and opens it up, freeing Koopa from his Warp Zone prison. Initially thankful for free him, Koopa pledges his allegiance to Mother Brain and pledges to help destroy Captain N. And as Kevin confronts Koopa, he learned the hard way that he is more dangerous and calculating than Mother Brain ever was, as he diverted Kevin and the N-Team, allowing Koopa to go after the real target, the Palace of Power. And by doing so, he destroys the Power Glove (which is not only Kevin's way home, but also the source of his power), leaves the Palace of Power in ruins and nearly ending Princess Lana's life. While Kevin and other try to put two and two together, Koopa returns to Mother Brain in the world of Metroid to let her know that Captain N won't threatened the villains no more, now that the Palace of Power is in ruins. Enraged about what Koopa has done, Mother Brain reprimanded him for nearing destroying the palace and almost ended Princess Lana's life. All Mother Brain ever wanted was to rule Videoland, just to for the sake of greed and being vain. And feeling duped that Mother Brain is in this for her own greed, Koopa decided to take over Mother Brain's operations himself. Mother Brain tries to blast away Koopa, but she is no match for his dark magic, thus turning her into a brain in a snow globe. Fearing that Koopa would do the same thing to them, Mother Brain's henchmen, Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo, joined Koopa's ranks, thus Koopa plans to not only conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, but all of Videoland. As for Captain N, knowing that Koopa is too powerful and even more dangerous, and since King Charles isn't here to stop him, he figured that the only way to stop Koopa is locate the very heroes who fought against him in the past and knows the Koopa King better than he does and that is Mario and Luigi, the Super Mario Bros.. Will Kevin save all of Videoland or will King Koopa succeed where Mother Brain has failed? Only time will tell.

That is the story of this crossover in a nutshell. Here is a little synopsis, and everything else in between, on the whole story itself.

Synopsis: Captain N teams up with the Super Mario Bros. to stop the evil King Koopa. Where in the Mario cartoons he's a gruff, ruthless reptile king who just wants to rule the Mushroom Kingdom, Koopa, in this story, is as more dangerous, ruthless and more powerful as Mother Brain ever was. So much so, he disposes Mother Brain earlier in the story and forces her henchmen to do his bidding. As for Captain N, in order to defeat Koopa, he not only enlisted the Mario Bros. to help him, but also getting new powers and upgrades, such as new control pad belt buckle that resembles the SNES gamepad and a bazooka that resembles the Super Scope 6. He is going to need them as he, the N-Team and the Marios travel all over Videoland and save every world from Koopa's wrath.

Character Designs: The character designs will be the same as they were in their respective cartoons, such as Mario having red overalls and Megaman, Kid Icarus and Simon Belmont being nothing like their gaming counterparts. As for King Koopa, he will be the same as he was in the 3 Mario cartoons, all green and not mult-colored like his gaming counterpart and other than having some comedic moments, he will be a very, dangerous foe to both Captain N and the Mario Bros. Not to mention breaking the 4th Wall, as he confronts the N-Team members head on, in rather comedic fashion (e.g. mocking Megaman for not being like his gaming counterpart or calling Simon Belmont a warthog-faced buffoon instead of a fearless vampire hunter). All the characters will be in it, since all the cartoons I have mentioned are all linked together, so expect Yoshi, Wart's minions and the Koopalings (who will be called by their cartoon names, except for Kevin who calls them by their gaming names as their berserk button in the beginning) will be in it as well.

Voices: Most of the cast would return to voice their respective characters like Matt Hill, Venus Terzo, Garry Chalk and so forth. However, some the voices have since either moved on, or some of them passed away such as Levi Stubbs, Tony Rosato and just recently, Harvey Atkin. So finding voices that sounded very similar would be much harder to find. If you have suggestions, leave me a comment for that.

As for music, I know I want them to sound like the ones from the games. If you have any suggestions of who should do the music since people like Shuki Levy and Michael Tavera have since moved on to bigger, better things, leave me a comment.

Other than that, hope you like this crossover idea. I think this crossover is a bit long overdue.

Until next time...Saraba! (Farewell!)

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Retro Toonami TV Show Timeline

I did one for the Disney TV Animated Canon,so I've decided to do a list of Retro Toonami shows done in chronological order.

Note: I'm only gonna list the Toonami Shows from the block's Afternoon years (1997-2003). Sorry SatPM Toonami-faithful.

Moltar Era (1997-1999)

Thundercats (1997-1998 [first run]; 2001-2002 [second run])

Voltron: Defender of the Universe (1997-1998)

The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest (1997-1999)

Cartoon Roulette (1997-1998)

Robotech (1998)

Beast Wars: Transformers (1998)

The Superfriends (1998)

Sailor Moon (1998-2001)

Dragon Ball Z (1998-2003)

Reboot (1999-2001)
TOM 1.0 Era (1999-2001)

The Powerpuff Girls [the original and best series] (1999-2000)

Ronin Warriors (1999-2000)

G-Force (2000)

Gundam Wing (2000-2001)

Batman: The Animated Series (2000-2002)

Tenchi Muyo (2000)

Tenchi Universe (2000-2001)

Tenchi in Tokyo (2000-2001)

Blue Submarine No.6 (2000)

Superman: The Animated Series (2000-2001)
TOM 2.0 Era (2001-2003)

Outlaw Star (2001-2002)

The Big O (2001)

Cardcaptors (2001)

Mobile Suit Gundam (2001-2002)

Gundam: 08th MS Team (2001-2002)

Dragon Ball (2001-2004)

Batman Beyond (2001-2002)

Zoids (2001-2002)

Gundam 0080 (2001)

Hamtaro (2002)

Zoids: Chaotic Century (2002-2003)

G Gundam (2002-2003)

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe [2k2 series] (2002-2003)

Transformers: Armada (2002-2003)

G.I.Joe: Real American Hero [midnight run only] (2002)

Samurai Jack [original series] (2002-2003)

.Hack//Sign (2003-2004)
TOM 3.0 Era (2003-2007)

Note: I will only be covering 2003,since it was Toonami's final year as a Weekday Afternoon block.

Yu Yu Hakusho (2003-2004)

Rurouni Kenshin (2003-2004)

Justice League (2003-2004)

Cyborg 009 (2003)

SD Gundam (2003)

Dragon Ball GT (2003-2004)

Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003-2004)

Well that about does it. Hope this sparked some awesome memories for you guys. So Happy Belated 20th,Toonami! Thanks for the memories!

Stay Gold,Space Cowboys!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Even More Show Ideas

I have come up with even more Show ideas for Modern Vintage TV. Take a Look.

Triple Tiger - 55 years ago in Hong Kong 2 Sisters,Lei Lei and Mei Mei Lee,are taught Kung-Fu by an old Master known only as The Eternal Tiger Master. The 2 sisters were prodigies and mastered the arts in 2 years. Mei Mei learned faster that Lei Lei and began getting arrogant because of it.

Oneday,The Eternal Tiger Master decided to retire from teaching and planned on giving ownership to his studio to one of the Sisters..he chose Lei Lei. In a fit of jealous rage,Mei Mei killed most of the students and left the studio,promising to start her own.

Still craving power,Mei Mei both summons and sells her soul to the Legendary Demon Witch,Lita Lacerater. Lacerater grants Mei Mei super human powers in exchange for her first born son. Mei Mei agrees.

Years later,both Sisters have children (lei lei legitimately,mei mei illegitimately),both boys. Mei Mei gives her Son up to Lita Lacerater as promised,but Lita decides that one baby to raise as an Elite Dark Warrior isn't enough and promises Lei Lei absolute power,if she brings her Lei Lei's child,as well as Lei Lei's head. Mei Mei agrees.

Mei Mei's mission leads to a battle between the sisters,with Mei Mei getting killed. Lita Lacerater appears and kills Lei Lei and her husband,but before she could take the baby,The Eternal Tiger Master appears and defeats Lacerater. Double L escapes promising revenge.

The Eternal Tiger Master decides to raise Lei Lei's child himself and move to America. The childs name is Brucie Chan (chan being the fathers surname). ETM settles down in a place called Metro City. Meanwhile,Lita Lacerater returns to her realm to raise Mei Mei's son,Daos.

Fearing that Lita Lacerater will return,The Eternal Tiger Master creates 3 special daggers,called the Tiger Blades,which will give the owner an edge against the evil forces. And when the users bring the 3 blades together,they become a Super Fighting Force known as Triple Tiger.

Many years later,Daos (now known as the darklord daos) returns to his realm with intentions of World Domination. Daos soon starts a criminal gang and later creates supernatural beings and monsters to help him.

Brucie,on the other hand,grew up to be an awesome Kung-Fu Master and fighter for Justice and even worked as a special enforcer for Metro City PD. Soon he gets married and has Triplets: 2 Girls and 1 Boy. Each born with a Mystical Tiger Birthmark on their left arms. The Triplets names are: Billy,Jill,and Amy.

Sensing the birth of the Triplets and realising the great potential they possess,Darklord Daos plots to kidnap his Cousin's children and raise them himself.

And So,Darklord Daos and his Gang,the Dark Arts Syndicate,kills the mother and father and begins Kidnaping the children. However,the Eternal Tiger Master manages to save two: Jill and Billy.

After a Major custody fight,Brucie's Wife's Brother,a biker,wins guardianship of one of the twins,Jill.

The Triplets are raised in very different ways: Billy becomes a rightious Tiger Kung-Fu Master under The Eternal Tiger Master. Amy becomes the powerful and Snarkey Co-Leader of the Dark Arts Syndicate. And Jill becomes a badass biker,like her uncle.

It is destined that the Triplets shall reunite. And with the help of the Tiger Blades,and the collossal battle mech known as Tiger-Robo,the Trio will defeat the forces of darkness.

That time is coming soon.
Bikes and Dragons (beta title): It is the 30th century,a nasty 10-Year World War has made the Earth barren and almost unlivable. Mighty Nations have crumbled and what's left of Mankind is forced to live on newly discovered islands,which are more environmentally friendly.

Another after effect of this war,was the awakening of an all mighty lost species,long thought to be legend,The Dragons. The Dragons have come and want to rule the Earth.

Dragons now live among Man,and things aren't that great. The Dragons are a problem and the International Alliance,formerly the U.N,has deemed them Endangered species,illegal to kill.

It is decided by the International Alliance that The Dragons would be brought to a newly discovered Island,which will serve as a Sanctuary. They hire a Special Dragon Task Force to capture the Dragons.

One Man,a cool-blooded Biker and Bounty Hunter,Jack Ten'nou,intends on capturing the Dragons and bringing them to the I.A. himself..for a price.

Jack isn't working alone. There's Shabazz,Jack's humorist friend and Mechanic. And Janna Hogan,a persistent dragon enthusiast,turned scientist,who wants to study the Dragons.

Jack faces many other things other than the Dragons. Rival Bounty Hunters,Poachers,Dragon Slayers,the Dragon Taskforce,and even Politicians stand in his way.
MVW Presents Animated Wrestling Federation: It's MVW's answer to WWE's Southpaw Regional Wrestling..only with cartoony and colorful characters.
MVW - The Animation: An Animated series based around MVW. Details coming eventually
Untitled SpeedRunner Show: 2-4 contestents compete to see who can finish a retro game first. features a 2-4 player split screen.
V.S. Mode: Another show centered around retro video games. This one features fighting,wrestling and sports titles.
Club 90's: A fun variety show celebrating most things 90's. Not all things,due to this being a family show.
Radio Retro: Playing Music from the 70's,80's,and 90's
Retro Radio - Retro Gamers Edition: Playing game music from the 80's and 90's.
Laser Gunners (beta name): A laser-tag combat show. Will feature multiple mach types.

And those are the latest batch of show ideas for Modern Vintage TV.

Thanx 4 reading!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Koopalings Name Mashups!

 Hey Toonsters,

    As we all know that I am a sucker when it comes to video game based cartoons. But no cartoon was that awesome than The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. Of all the 3 Mario cartoons around the late 80s and into the early 90s, AOSMB3 was the best one of them all. But the only pet peeve I got with the show (besides being a bit repetitive and the fact that Bowser is called King Koopa (although in Japan he was always called King Koopa)) was the names of the Koopalings. Here's a little background about this jumbled up situation.

Before being released in the States, in Japan, the Koopalings never got their official names. So the game was localized for a worldwide release, the cartoon versions of the Koopalings got names that are different from the ones from the games:

Cheatsy Koopa
Big Mouth Koopa
Kootie Pie Koopa
Hop Koopa
Bully Koopa
Hip Koopa
Kooky von Koopa

But by the time game was finally was released worldwide, the Koopalings got their official names. Each one of them were named after a well-known musicians:

Larry Koopa (named after Larry Mullen, Jr. of U2)
Morton Koopa, Jr. (named after musician and controversial talk show host, Morton Downey, Jr. (no relation to Robert Downey, Jr., by the way.)
Wendy O. Koopa (named after Wendy O. Williams)
Iggy Koopa (named after Iggy Pop)
Roy Koopa (named after Roy Orbison)
Lemmy Koopa (named after Lemmy Kilmister (RIP) of MotorHead (yes, the ones who did Triple H's themes))
Ludwig von Koopa (named after Ludwig von Beethoven (DUH!!))

Since that time, many of the Mario fanbase are divided over which name of the Koopalings suits them best. So, I came up with the solution. What of we mashed the names up? I thought about that so I came up with the best possible solution to our name problem so here it is:

Larry Koopa + Cheatsy Koopa = "Cheatsy" Larry
Morton Koopa, Jr. + Big Mouth Koopa = "Big Mouth" Morton
Wendy O. Koopa + Kootie Pie Koopa = "Kootie Pie" Wendy
Iggy Koopa + Hop Koopa = Iggy Hop (which makes perfect sense since he is named after Iggy Pop)
Roy Koopa + Bully Koopa = "Bully" Roy (Think wrestler Bully Ray, but with Roy instead of Ray)
Lemmy Koopa + Hip Koopa = Lemmy Hip-Meister (paying homage to Lemmy Kilmister himself)
Ludwig von Koopa + Kooky von Koopa = "Kooky" Ludwig

And there you have it. What do you think of my mashup names? If Nintendo pays attention to this, I just hope and pray they use the names from the cartoons as their nicknames for future games. A gamer can dream, can't I?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Farewell Brain!

Today,we at the American Cartoon Federation mourn the loss of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Not just a simple heel manager or commentator,but a Legend of great character.

Thoughout his time as a Manager,Bobby Heenan guided the carrers of many WWE Superstars,with Andre The Giant,'Ravishing' Rick Rude and 'Mr Perfect' Curt Hennig being his star players.

Although a good manager,Bobby Heenan is best known for his work as a Color Commentator and Show Host. His chemistry with Gorilla Monsoon was outstanding. Fun Fact: The Brain and Gorilla were good friends in real life.

Bobby Heenen wasn't just a good manager,he was also a great commentator,and a funny man to boot.

After his WWE tenure,Bobby Heenan left for WCW,where he'd continue to entertain us Wrestling Fans for years to come.

Farewell Brain....And Thank You!

Raymond Louis Heenan aka Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
November 1, 1944 – September 17, 2017