Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Top 30 Best Saturday Morning Shows

....or Best Shows to watch on the Saturday Mornings.

Ah,Saturday Morning TV! Yeah,you people are likely sick to death of me talking about this,but can you blame me? Those were fun times.

For us 80's and 90's kids,watching Saturday Morning TV was something special. So,today I'm gonna be listing the Top 30 Best Saturday Morning Shows. The rules for this list are simple:

1 - Only shows that debuted on Saturday Mornings.

2 - Mostly animated shows,though some live action shows are allowed.

And 3 - Anime is Allowed.

Ok,now that the rules are established,let's get things started.

Honorable Mentions:

Digimon Tamers (Fox Kids)

Pokemon (Kids WB)

Pinky and the Brain (Kids WB)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2k3 (Fox Box/4Kids TV)

Caddilacs and Dinosaurs (CBS)

Wild C.A.T.S. (CBS)

Eek! The Cat/Eek-Stravaganza (Fox Kids)

Power Rangers [1st saban era](Fox Kids)

Where's Waldo (CBS)

Pee-Wee's Playhouse (CBS)

Hey Vern! It's Ernest! (CBS)

Static Shock (Kids WB)

Mucha Lucha (Kids WB)

Reboot (ABC)

Earthworm Jim (Kids WB)

Bump in the Night (ABC)

Mon Colle Knights (Fox Kids)

Wish Kid (NBC)

California Dreams (NBC)

Saved By The Bell (NBC)

Alf: The Animated Series (NBC)

Alf Tales (NBC)

The Karate Kid (NBC)

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight (CW 4Kids)
30 - Freakazoid (Kids WB)

29 - The Tick (Fox Kids)

28 - Camp Candy (NBC)

27 - Jackie Chan Adventures (Kids WB)

26 - Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? (Fox Kids)

25 - The Addams Family [90's] (ABC)

24 - X-Men: The Animated Series (Fox Kids)

23 - Spider-Man: The Animated Series (Fox Kids)

22 - Ed Grimley (NBC)

21 - Pro-Stars (NBC)

20 - Fat Albert (CBS)

19 - Life With Louie

18 - The NEW Super Mario World (NBC)

17 - The Batman (Kids WB)

16 - Spectacular Spider-Man (Kids WB)

15 -  Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa (ABC)

14 - Mr.T. (NBC)

13 - Muppet Babies [original] (CBS)

12 - Men in Black: The Series (Kids WB)

11 - Max Steel [original] (Kids WB)

10 - Superman: The Animated Series (Kids WB)

09 - Yu-Gi-Oh! (Kids WB)

08 - Beakman's World (CBS)

07 - Sonic SatAM (ABC)

06 - The Real Ghostbusters (ABC)

05 - The One Saturday Morning Block (ABC) [yeah,I know i'm cheating here. but can you blame me?]

04 - Science Court/Squigglevision (ABC)

03 - The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 (NBC)

02 - Captain N: The Game Master (NBC)

01 - Garfield and Friends (CBS)

Great list,eh. Will be making one for Sunday Morning Cartoons soon.

Until next time,
Stay Gold,Space Cowboy.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Jason's Gallery - Setsuna Sketch (A dream drove me to draw this)

"You are stronger than you think, Jason. Don't let your self-doubt control your destiny." - Setsuna Meioh

Here we have a sketch of Setsuna Meioh. No color on it this time around. And the significance of this drawing is quite obvious. I had a dream a while back and there was Setsuna, not once, but twice. In one part, and in a hospital room, no less, she and I talked about our lives while attending to the recovering Hotaru Tomoe. And when everything faded out, the second part of my dream began. And I was outside the hospital, but it wasn't in Tokyo, it was in Houston, Texas, where my aunt's family lives now. And as I was looking at my artwork of the Outer Sailor Guardians on the parking lot signs, there was Setsuna again. As we embraced each other, I felt sad, not just with my struggles in my friendship journey, but also how the whole world rejects the very optimism and hope that drives my humanity everyday. Setsuna consuled me and encouraged me to fight on and not let my self-doubt take control of my life. That, and the ensuring me that Pluto is, and always will be, a planet. And as we embraced on last time and went our separate ways, she praised my artwork. It warms my heart hearing her say that and by the time I closed my eyes, she was gone, like she was never there, but in spirit. And since Sailor Moon's virtue of courage dwells within me, the essence of Sailor Pluto now flows within me. I know Raiden is a Time God now. But, if there was another Time God besides the God of Thunder himself, I am glad it is the Guardian of Time and Space herself.

In short, in my dream, even though Veronica Taylor's voice is coming from her, the essence of Susan Aceron was there. When I hugged Setsuna, it is like a warm feeling, know that I feel safe in her presence, so, 'nuff said.

Before I go, to my friend/brother in arms, Stefan. I know you are not happy with VIZ Media with their voice actors for the Sailor Moon redub and all that. But, until all the seasons are done (and knowing that I vow to get all the DVD/Blu-Ray collections of the original anime), not for nothing, but you should stop judging the cast until all 5 season are dubbed. We haven't got to Sailor Stars, yet. And some the voice actors, I know some of them, including Kate Higgins (Sakura Haruno from Naruto and Tina Armstrong from Dead or Alive) and Veronica Taylor (Ash Ketchum from Pokemon, Amelia from Slayers, etc.). Heck, even some Power Rangers alums like Michael Sorich (Squat) are in this, too. While you are jumping the gun on the whole snap decision on the cast, I am waiting for the chance to do my take on them, so I could have my final say, even though I already made it clear that Nicholas Roye was the wrong choice for Shingo. And if you want to bash me for my choices, so be it. But that does not make me a sell out, just like Shinsuke Nakamura, when WWE decided to not make him champion and be corporate heel (No honor among thieves, as they say). So when I get all 5 seasons of the original anime, I will make a note on the voice actors and how does this redub hold up and comparing it to the original, just like That Damn Cynic did it. So, don't blame actors like Stephanie Sheh, Cristina Vee, Amanda Miller, Cherami Leigh, Michelle Ruff, and Robbie Daymond. If any needs to be blamed for the choices, and I hate to say it with a heavy heart, it is Naoko Takeuchi herself. As much as I respect and honor her, but just like Bruce Timm making Batgirl Batman's lover, this is one choice she shouldn't make. She should leave it to those who know English dubs better, not her. I'm sorry, but that's how I feel. Please, no more bashing VIZ Media until I do my review on the redub. Okay. I will see you next time...if I still have a job here, that is. :'(

Saraba (Farewell)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Living Legend Is Dead!

Ladies and gentlemen,I have some very very sad news. Wrestling's Living Legend and the Longest Reining WWE Champion,Bruno Sammartino has died.

I really suck at eulogies,so don't expect one.

Bruno was born in Abruzzo,Italy on October 6th 1935. After much hardships in his home country,Bruno migrated to the U.S. in 1950. Once in America,Bruno took up weight lifting and eventually wrestling. In 1963,he joined the WWE (then known as the WWWF),where he would become the companies longest reining Champion.

In the 1980's,Bruno became a babyface color comnentator,often getting into fights with the heels. In 1985,Bruno's son,David,began a short-lived carrer as a WWE wrestler.

In 1988,Bruno and Vince McMahon had a falling out and Bruno left the company. For years after,Bruno had nothing but distain for the WWE. However,as years went by,that attitude started to fade,and by late-2012,WWE and Bruno made amends. In 2013,Bruno Sammartino was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

I remember the first time I watched Bruno was in an old non-WWE Wrestling Video (which I still have). Then,my Uncle,who got me into wrestling the 1st time,let me watch his Bruno Sammartino WWE tape. That very tape made me a fan of Bruno and I've been a fan of his ever since.

Bruno died of old age on April 18th. He was 82.

Bruno Sammartino
October 6th 1935 - April 18th 2018

Friday, April 13, 2018

Jason's Gallery - Friday the 13th Edition!

Hey Toonsters,

   Since today is Friday the 13th, one of the most complex days that happens once or twice a year, I will give present to you, my fanart, involving my fictional self, fighting against the face of Friday the 13th himself, Jason Voorhees. Before I show you my pics, here is a little backstory, but mostly around the name, Jason. As we all know, the name Jason, comes from many sources. For instance, the name may originally came from the first letter from 5 of the 12 months of the year.

J for July, A for August, S for September (my birth month, by the way), O for October and finally, N for November.

Or it could trace back to Greek mythology, involving the hero, Jason, who was leader of the Argonauts,  known for their quest for the Golden Fleece and was friends with another mythical hero, Hercules.

Or, the most common of the Jason name itself. For it was the name of the one of the most iconic horror movie characters of all time, next to the likes of Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, the psychotic killer from Crystal Lake, who drowned as a little boy when ignored by the camp counselors. His machete and especially his hockey mask alone, is what made Mr. Voorhees this iconic. And since then, every time Friday the 13th happens, there were times I dreaded having the name Jason, because of Jason Voorhees.

But I digress, since I turned this type of fear into something creative, by combating Jason Voorhees, for the honor of the Jason name. So, without further ado, here is my artwork, where I combat the hockey masked psycho of Crystal Lake.

War of the Jasons! Anime Jason vs. Jason Voorhess!

Here we have my first one I made 3 years ago. After seeing a Friday the 13th movie marathon on IFC long ago, I drew this little number. Here we have my fictional self, Oathkeeper Keyblade at hand, against Jason Voorhees himself. One day, I will do a story about this, which takes place around the October, where Friday the 13th happens, which last until Halloween. That's right, Mr. Voorhees last beyond Friday the 13th in this one. And in my thoughts, although he doesn't talk, Jason Voorhees uses body language to tell what he is going to do, like motions to me by pointing his machete at me and does a cut throat motion, implicating that is going to kill me (which he won't cause I will hold my own against him).

War of the Jasons: Part II! Good Jasons vs. Evil Jasons!
Here we have my latest one. Jason Voorhees is back! Only this time, he isn't alone, for he was bought back from the dead by Anime Jason's evil doppelganger/clone, Anti-Jason, who represents his dark side. However, Anime Jason isn't alone in this new battle, for he is aided by the original Red Ranger, Jason Lee Scott. And this two way fight has become "Morphinominal," with every sense of the word. In a way, it looks like a comic book cover, which I was aiming for when I drawing it.

And there you have it. So, in a day like Friday the 13th, always remain cautious, especially when superstition is the word. Stay safe and stay frosty, my friends. Until next time.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

R.I.P. Chuck McCann

Today we at ACF mourn the loss of a great Voice Artist,Chuck McCann. Chuck was described as a fun-loving guy who loved doing voice-overs.

He past away from heart falure. He was 83.

For info about his Filmography go here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuck_McCann#Filmography

Chuck McCann
Seotember 2nd 1934 - April 8th 2018.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Rounding Out The Trio..Because,Why Not!

Because it's the right thing to do,I've decided to add Disney-ABC Television Group President,Ben Sherwood to the list.

'Cuz let's face it,this dude is just as bad as,maybe even worse,than Gary Marsh. Especially since,Sherwood is Marsh's superior at the Company.

And with that All 3 Disney Bossess are officially on the List!

Until,Next Time....Stay Gold,Space Cowboys!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Gary Marsh......Welcome To The List!!

Gary Marsh,President and CCO of the Disney Networks,is Now on The List. He refuses to stop pissing on Disney fans intellegence and refuses to fix the problems pleaguing the Networks (such as terrible program direction). Here is Gary Marsh's Strike List (and to an extent,ben sherwood):

Strike One Offenses:

- Breifly Reviving Hannah Montana Mania
- Continuing With the Teeny-Bopper Bullshit
- Sweeney Era Fanaticism (having a fetish for the teeny bopper shows of the anne sweeney era,such as hannah montana and austin and ally)
- Treating The Disney Channel as a Childrens Only Network...with a few Girly-Girl stuff thrown in.
- Refusing to shorten and the Disney Jr. Block and airing it on Weekends.
- Canning Good Shows like Girl Meets World,while Renewing Crappy Ones,like Walk The Prank.
- Ending Good Series Too Early
- Giving the Finger to the Classic Stuff
- Being Extremely Lazy with the Networks Line-Ups.
Strike Two Offenses:

- Continuing to Air Retarded Girly Commercials on the Supposedly All-Boy's Network,Disney XD.
- Over-Promoting the Garbage Shows,like Walk The Prank.
- Never Ending Shitty Program Direction for All Disney Networks.
- Walk The Prank Season 3...'Nuff Said
- Still Refusing to Learn From Mistakes.
- Refusing to Air the Early Pokemon Episodes (kanto - unova)
Strike Three Offenses:

- The Constant Marathons of Walk The Prank
- Encouraging his Retarded Underlings (mainly the program directors)
- Favoring those damn Pre-Schoolers over the General Audience.
- Refusing to restore the Disney Channel to it's Proper form. I swear to God I Am So Damn Sick of those Girly-Toy commercials on that Network.
- Keeps giving us movies and shows that we Don't want to see. Seriously,we did NOT need a sequal to Pup Star.
- The new Spider-Man cartoon. 'Nuff Said!
- Always dropping the ball when it comes to handling the Marvel Animated properties.

And That Completes Marsh's 3rd strike!
It's been a long time coming,but Gary Marsh,President and CCO of the Various Disney Networks......You've Just Made The List!!!

 Stay Gold,Space Cowboys. But not You,Gary Marsh.