Saturday, May 19, 2018

Mario x Sonic 2: Legends Clash

It's been a while,but with my Sailor Moon U summeries finished,I have time to get back to this.

As you are well aware,Last October,I created a dream XOver between Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. 

Well,now I'm making a sequel. It's Mario x Sonic 2: Legends Clash.

Story: Bowser and Eggman create a machine that will fuse their Universes together,but first they need to destroy the barrier between their Universes to do it. To make this all happen,they need the Power of the Master Emerald and the Triforce.

But first they need their arch-enemies out of the way. Bowser Jr.Kidnaps Amy Rose,while Metal Sonic kidnaps Princess Peach. This leads the heroes to go after them. As they arrive,Eggman and Koopa spring a trap and captures them.

Sonic is turned into a monsterous Hedgehog by Bowser (Vicious Sonic),while Dr.Eggman turns Mario into Mecha Mario via Roboticization.

With the heroes under evil controll,Bowser sends his Koopa Kids,Kamek,and Mecha Mario to steal the Triforce. While Eggman sends his E-Series Eggbots,Metal Sonic,and Vicious Sonic to nab the Master Emerald.

They are met with resistance by Zelda and Link and Knuckles respectively. The villians eventually succeed in their mission,but something has followed Bowser's team back to the Castle Koopegg (the villians HQ on egg island)...Ganondorf's Spirit,who haunts the Castle.

The evil spirit forces Eggman to create a temporary body for him,Eggman does this. Ganondorf is now Metal Ganondorf. Peach and Amy (still captives) try to convince,Sonic and Mario to come to their senses. While initiating their plan,Eggman and Bowser order Mecha Mario and Vicious Sonic to kill their love interests. They hesitate.

Amy's love breaks Bowser's spell and turns Sonic Back To Normal. Mario regains his senses too,but he and Sonic are too late,the Machine has done it's job and the Universes have been fused together.

After the Universes are fused,Metal Ganon hijacks Bowser and Eggman's plan and intends on ruling the New Universe himself. Metal Ganon prooves to powerful for everyone and teleports the heroes home,so that they can witness the end of their Universes. He enslaves Eggman and Bowser.

After,Mario is de-roboticised by Prof. E.Gadd,Peach reveals that she and Amy overheared Eggman and Bowser say that in 48 Hours,the Sega and Nintendo Universes will be perminantly fused. Now,The heroes have 48 hours to reverse the effects of the machine and fix the universal barrier...otherwise the 2 universes will stay fused....forever.

The Mario and Sonic heroes are joined by Link and Zelda. They traverse through the new Universe,battle Ganon's minions,and recruit allies (from classic sega and nintendo),to save the Universes.

Meahwhile,we get comedic treasure hunting scenes with Team Hooligan (Nack the Weasel,Bean the Dynamite,and Bark the Polar Bear) and Team Wario (Wario,Waluigi,and Mona).

In the end,Zelda (using the triforce) sends all heroes and bad guys back to their respective worlds and universes...with no memory of the previous events.

And that is the story for Mario x Sonic - Legends Clash. Not bad eh?

Main Characters: Mario,Sonic The Hedgehog,Link,Princess Zelda,Ganondorf,King Bowser Koopa,Dr.Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik,Bowser Jr.,Metal Sonic,Luigi,Miles "Tails" Prower,Toad,Knuckles the Echidna,Yoshi,Amy Rose,Princess Peach Toadstool,Cream the Rabbit and Cheeze the Chao,Princess Daisy,Rosalina,The Chaos,The Lumas,Cubot and Orbot,Kamek the Magikoopa,Shadow The Hedgehog,Wario,Rouge the Bat,Birdo,Princess Sally Acorn,Toadsworth,The Knothole Freedom Fighters,Waluigi,Team Hooligan,Mona,Uncle Chuck,Prof. E.Gadd,E-Series Robots,Team Chaotix,The Koopalings,Bowser's Koopa Troop,Eggman's Badniks; Ganondorf's Minions.

Nintendo Guest Characters: Kirby,Meta Knight,and King Dedede from the Kirby Series; Marth,Roy,and Lucina from Fire Emblem,Captain Falcon and Samurai Gourou from F-Zero; Pokemon Champion Red,Gym Master Green,and Mewtwo from Pokemon; Ness,Paula,and Lucas from Earthbound; Samus Aran and Ridley from Metroid; Mike Jones from StarTropics; Palutena and Pit from Kid Icarus; And The Kong Family (Donkey Kong).

Sega Guest Characters: Alis from Phantasy Star; The Afterburner Pilot and his Jet from Afterburner; The Centurian Warrior from Altered Beast; Kid Chameleon from Kid Chameleon; Billy Hatcher and Friends from Billy Hatcher; NiGHTs from NiGHTS into Dreams; Ristar from Ristar; Vector Man from Vector Man; Alex Kidd and Stella from Alex Kid; Gillius Thunderhead,Tyrus Flare,and Ax Battler from Golden Axe; Blaze Feilding,Axel Stone,Eddie "Skate" Hunter,and Adam Hunter from Streets of Rage; And Toejam and Earl from Toejam and Earl.

Crossover Exclusive Characters: Mecha Mario,Vicious Sonic,and Metal Ganondorf.

Cameos: Blaze the Cat,Ecco The Dolphin,Mayor Pauline,Breezie the Hedgehog,The President and G.U.N,and Toadette.

Nintendo Places: The Mushroom Planet (includes wario land,sarasaland,kong island,and new donk city),Rosalina's Observatory (cameo),Eggerland (earthbound),Hyrule (legend of zelda),Mute City (f-zero),Angel Land (kid icarus) Planet Zebes (metroid),C-Island (StarTropics),The Realm of Fire Emblem (a world where all fire emblem worlds are combined),Planet Pop Star (kirby),and The World of Pokemon (pokemon).

Sega Places: Sonic's Planet (includes floating island); Funkatron (toejam and earl),The Worlds of Golden Axe,Altered Beast,Streets of Rage,Nights into Dreams,Vector Man,Ristar,Alex Kidd,Shinobi,Afterburner,Kid Chameleon,Phantasy Star,and Billy Hatcher.

Crossover Exclusive Places: Egg Island (original location),Castle Koopegg.

Notes: Mario also uses the Hyper Emeralds to become Hyper Mario. Ganon sends his minions to conquer the Worlds of tbe Fused Universe,so we get to see various Nintendo and Sega Characters fighting them. Also,Ganon magic is enhenced thanks to his Robotic Body abd he turns Nintendo and Sega characters against each other before the final battle.

Cool huh? And I've only just begun with XOvers. Though,I'm done with Sonic x Mario ones for a while.

Until Next Time,
See Ya,Space Cowboys!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Jason's Gallery - Raiden's Burden

For as long as time existed, there was one being I know who will protect Earthrealm and all time, space and reality from certain doom. His name is Raiden, God of Thunder and Protector of Earthrealm. Through the centuries into today, Raiden watched over Earthrealm since its very creation, even before the Elder Gods themselves created the Mortal Kombat Tournament. Unlike many gods, Raiden was a strong and benevolent god, who will give his life AND immortality to save our world from any form of evil that threatens it. But, even gods like Raiden, aren't always perfect. His burden is as big as all the realms combined. From sacrificing his status as Elder God to carrying the burden of Liu Kang's death, Raiden has gone through a lot. He fought against threats like Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Shinnok, Quan Chi, Onaga and even his worst enemy, himself. Even the noblest of gods can easily be corrupted, when he became evil himself after Onaga's resurrection. But, when Armageddon happened, he reversed everything and even with the timeline changed, the results were the same, only this time, many of our bravest warriors from Earthrealm and Edenia died. And Liu Kang, the most noblest of warriors, has fallen from grace and has become the very thing we were fighting against. Although Armageddon was prevented, it was still inevitable. Like the old timeline, Raiden has become corrupt and evil and his everything in the new timeline is not as it seems. But deep down, Raiden is still fighting his inner demons and try to restore everything. But if Blaze does return, he will redeem himself and give his life to prevent Armageddon himself. In the end, you stood up for what's right, Raiden...

Now I have to do the same.

Raiden: "It is up to you to restore the timeline in all the worlds of creation. This amulet is my gift to you. I know you will use it well. Don't make the same mistakes I made. Earthrealm, nay, all the worlds of fiction is in your hands now. Fight on, Anime Jason! I know you can do it!"

Until next time.


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Jason's Gallery - Minako X Kento: Happy Union!

A pretty sailor suited solider who fights for love and beauty and a warrior of Earth, a samurai who fights with the Rocks of Justice. With the same color and the same element they represent, they are a force to be reckoned with. However, off the battlefield, that is totally different story. At times, these two have their silly moments, whether it's chasing idols or thinking about food. But no matter how many times they get into trouble, no matter how many times she botched proverbs and quotes and he corrects them all, and no matter what danger they face, at the end of the day, Sailor Venus and Kento of Hardrock always have each other's back (that and Artemis, too!:D)

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Jason's Gallery - Kento Always Okay!

"Kento always okay!"
My fanart of my favorite hard-headed Ronin Warrior. No matter how many battles he has fought, no matter how many bumps and bruises he gets. At the end of the day, just like his idol, Jackie Chan...

Kento is always okay!

A Posthumous Induction

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata was a man with a great vision,a vision that helped Nintendo through tough times. But,He was not just a President of a Great Company,he was also a gamer,thus a guy who understood gaming.

The man often put quality titles over profits. He believed that games should be fun first and formost. And on top of that,Iwata-san was an overall great guy.

So,The American Cartoon Federation proudly inducts The Late President of Nintendo,Satoru Iwata into the Hall of Heroes!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Top 30 Best Saturday Morning Shows

....or Best Shows to watch on the Saturday Mornings.

Ah,Saturday Morning TV! Yeah,you people are likely sick to death of me talking about this,but can you blame me? Those were fun times.

For us 80's and 90's kids,watching Saturday Morning TV was something special. So,today I'm gonna be listing the Top 30 Best Saturday Morning Shows. The rules for this list are simple:

1 - Only shows that debuted on Saturday Mornings.

2 - Mostly animated shows,though some live action shows are allowed.

And 3 - Anime is Allowed.

Ok,now that the rules are established,let's get things started.

Honorable Mentions:

Digimon Tamers (Fox Kids)

Pokemon (Kids WB)

Pinky and the Brain (Kids WB)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2k3 (Fox Box/4Kids TV)

Caddilacs and Dinosaurs (CBS)

Wild C.A.T.S. (CBS)

Eek! The Cat/Eek-Stravaganza (Fox Kids)

Power Rangers [1st saban era](Fox Kids)

Where's Waldo (CBS)

Pee-Wee's Playhouse (CBS)

Hey Vern! It's Ernest! (CBS)

Static Shock (Kids WB)

Mucha Lucha (Kids WB)

Reboot (ABC)

Earthworm Jim (Kids WB)

Bump in the Night (ABC)

Mon Colle Knights (Fox Kids)

Wish Kid (NBC)

California Dreams (NBC)

Saved By The Bell (NBC)

Alf: The Animated Series (NBC)

Alf Tales (NBC)

The Karate Kid (NBC)

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight (CW 4Kids)
30 - Freakazoid (Kids WB)

29 - The Tick (Fox Kids)

28 - Camp Candy (NBC)

27 - Jackie Chan Adventures (Kids WB)

26 - Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? (Fox Kids)

25 - The Addams Family [90's] (ABC)

24 - X-Men: The Animated Series (Fox Kids)

23 - Spider-Man: The Animated Series (Fox Kids)

22 - Ed Grimley (NBC)

21 - Pro-Stars (NBC)

20 - Fat Albert (CBS)

19 - Life With Louie

18 - The NEW Super Mario World (NBC)

17 - The Batman (Kids WB)

16 - Spectacular Spider-Man (Kids WB)

15 -  Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa (ABC)

14 - Mr.T. (NBC)

13 - Muppet Babies [original] (CBS)

12 - Men in Black: The Series (Kids WB)

11 - Max Steel [original] (Kids WB)

10 - Superman: The Animated Series (Kids WB)

09 - Yu-Gi-Oh! (Kids WB)

08 - Beakman's World (CBS)

07 - Sonic SatAM (ABC)

06 - The Real Ghostbusters (ABC)

05 - The One Saturday Morning Block (ABC) [yeah,I know i'm cheating here. but can you blame me?]

04 - Science Court/Squigglevision (ABC)

03 - The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 (NBC)

02 - Captain N: The Game Master (NBC)

01 - Garfield and Friends (CBS)

Great list,eh. Will be making one for Sunday Morning Cartoons soon.

Until next time,
Stay Gold,Space Cowboy.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Jason's Gallery - Setsuna Sketch (A dream drove me to draw this)

"You are stronger than you think, Jason. Don't let your self-doubt control your destiny." - Setsuna Meioh

Here we have a sketch of Setsuna Meioh. No color on it this time around. And the significance of this drawing is quite obvious. I had a dream a while back and there was Setsuna, not once, but twice. In one part, and in a hospital room, no less, she and I talked about our lives while attending to the recovering Hotaru Tomoe. And when everything faded out, the second part of my dream began. And I was outside the hospital, but it wasn't in Tokyo, it was in Houston, Texas, where my aunt's family lives now. And as I was looking at my artwork of the Outer Sailor Guardians on the parking lot signs, there was Setsuna again. As we embraced each other, I felt sad, not just with my struggles in my friendship journey, but also how the whole world rejects the very optimism and hope that drives my humanity everyday. Setsuna consuled me and encouraged me to fight on and not let my self-doubt take control of my life. That, and the ensuring me that Pluto is, and always will be, a planet. And as we embraced on last time and went our separate ways, she praised my artwork. It warms my heart hearing her say that and by the time I closed my eyes, she was gone, like she was never there, but in spirit. And since Sailor Moon's virtue of courage dwells within me, the essence of Sailor Pluto now flows within me. I know Raiden is a Time God now. But, if there was another Time God besides the God of Thunder himself, I am glad it is the Guardian of Time and Space herself.

In short, in my dream, even though Veronica Taylor's voice is coming from her, the essence of Susan Aceron was there. When I hugged Setsuna, it is like a warm feeling, know that I feel safe in her presence, so, 'nuff said.

Before I go, to my friend/brother in arms, Stefan. I know you are not happy with VIZ Media with their voice actors for the Sailor Moon redub and all that. But, until all the seasons are done (and knowing that I vow to get all the DVD/Blu-Ray collections of the original anime), not for nothing, but you should stop judging the cast until all 5 season are dubbed. We haven't got to Sailor Stars, yet. And some the voice actors, I know some of them, including Kate Higgins (Sakura Haruno from Naruto and Tina Armstrong from Dead or Alive) and Veronica Taylor (Ash Ketchum from Pokemon, Amelia from Slayers, etc.). Heck, even some Power Rangers alums like Michael Sorich (Squat) are in this, too. While you are jumping the gun on the whole snap decision on the cast, I am waiting for the chance to do my take on them, so I could have my final say, even though I already made it clear that Nicholas Roye was the wrong choice for Shingo. And if you want to bash me for my choices, so be it. But that does not make me a sell out, just like Shinsuke Nakamura, when WWE decided to not make him champion and be corporate heel (No honor among thieves, as they say). So when I get all 5 seasons of the original anime, I will make a note on the voice actors and how does this redub hold up and comparing it to the original, just like That Damn Cynic did it. So, don't blame actors like Stephanie Sheh, Cristina Vee, Amanda Miller, Cherami Leigh, Michelle Ruff, and Robbie Daymond. If any needs to be blamed for the choices, and I hate to say it with a heavy heart, it is Naoko Takeuchi herself. As much as I respect and honor her, but just like Bruce Timm making Batgirl Batman's lover, this is one choice she shouldn't make. She should leave it to those who know English dubs better, not her. I'm sorry, but that's how I feel. Please, no more bashing VIZ Media until I do my review on the redub. Okay. I will see you next time...if I still have a job here, that is. :'(

Saraba (Farewell)